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Moneyfield Cards Services - Verve Card

Shopping or making payments and withdrawals locally? Then our Moneyfield Verve Card is just for you.

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Explore Moneyfield PrePaid Verve Card Benefits

Moneyfield Verve Debit Card

Shopping or Making Payments and Withdrawals Locally? Then our Moneyfield Verve Card is just for you.

The Moneyfield Verve Debit Card is an EMV Chip and PIN compliant card that is issued by the Bank and linked directly to customers account to enable them have access to their funds 24/7.

The card facilitates access to banking services via these alternative channels (ATM’s, POS, Web & Mobile Channels)

Features and Benefits

  • N1,000 Opening Balance
  • Safe & Secure with Chip and PIN technology
  • Naira denominated
  • Balance Checking, Cash withdrawals, ATM Transfers
  • Shop and make online payments within Nigeria
  • Accepted throughout Nigeria
  • Easy access to funds 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Eliminates the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash
  • Used across multiple channels – POS, Internet, ATMs

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Must I have a Moneyfield MFBank Account before I can apply for the Card?

Verve prepaid card can be obtained by existing customers and non-customers of the bank. Simply provide your minimum KYC details i.e. Name, Address and Phone number and provide a valid means of ID or Utility bill.

Can the spending limit be increased upon customer’s request?

Yes, subject to the regulatory limit. Cardholder will also be required to fulfill full KYC requirement at his/her branch of request.

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Can the card be used outside Nigeria?

No, the Verve Prepaid Card is purely a domestic card.

What is the maximum amount that can be loaded on this card?

Card balance is regulated at a maximum amount of N250,000

Is there any minimum card balance & annual maintenance fee?

No minimum card balance /annual maintenance fee is applicable to Card.

How do I apply for my Card?

Visit the nearest Moneyfield Microfinance Bank Branch and complete the form and obtain your card. For Corporate requests, please contact you relationship account officer.

Customer Service

  • Kindly Click Here to download the form
  • Complete the form and drop it at any of our Branches
  • Pick up your card at a specified date

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In order to activate your card, you must change your default PIN using our POS machine or visit any access bank ATM.
For optimal use and Protection of Moneyfield Verve Card, please note the following

  • Use a secured ATM / POS
  • Choose a strong PIN number
  • Keep your card and PIN safe from other people
  • Cover your PIN when using ATM or POS at any store
  • Do not respond to any request (internet, email, SMS) asking for your card and/or PIN details


  • Use a secured ATM / POS
  • Issuance: N1,000 ( generic), N1,500 (co-brand)
  • PIN Reissue: Free
  • POS and Web: Free
  • ATM Withdrawal: N65

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